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I'm Inviting You to Our Community! [07 Jun 2009|12:37pm]

Please join our writing community Gods of Fiction!

This is where you can post your amateur writing (whether it be short stories, poems, or novel-lengths) for people to see worldwide! Whether you simply love to read, or whether you have a passion for writing, our community is for you.

The community is new, but it will be expanding quickly! New members are joining every day, and the faster you get in, the more your work will be read!

So don't be shy, and join our community now!
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[27 Dec 2006|10:38am]
Hi everyone, hope you had a great Christmas without too many cares.

Sadly, sometimes Christmas is far from care-free, with the costs and stresses of getting supplies getting some people down that they can almost forget it is a time to celebrate. I'm happy to tell you that there IS a solution.

From the bottom of my heart, I can recommend the Chrisco Christmas hamper club...

With a little bit of planning, you can spend the year paying off supplies little by little. You will hardly notice that the money has gone each week, but come Christmas time, it will all add up to a wonderful hamper of Christmas goods being delievered to your house. The sooner you order and start paying, the smaller your weekly/fortnightly/mothly (whatever suits you best) payments will be.

The full range of hamper choices can be viewed online, or you can request a catalogue by calling 1800 28 28 28.

It may sound like a well-worn advertising slogan, but never a truer word was spoken when they say you can save for a magical Christmas with Chrisco.

I am not a troll, nor do I make any profit from posting this. I simply believe in this program, and am sure you will too if you give it a go.
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*looks around* [17 Jan 2002|11:21am]

[ mood | awake ]

just joined and i hope everything works out soon!
i've got two notebooks being sent overseas but when they get back i'll be glad to send them to the members here too!

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[29 Oct 2001|08:46pm]

Head over to the oz notebooks web page to find out more.
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